Braam Malherbe was born in Kleinfontein Hospital (Benoni) on the 22nd of May 1971. His father registered him as Abraham Johannes Malherbe.

From very early days he loved music.

After Church he would play records whilst his mother was preparing food.

He would sing along to Artists like Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Elvis Presley and others.

He loved Gospel Music as well as Country and Rock.

His first music teacher (at a young age) was a Mrs Sinnigals who lived in Northmead, Benoni where he learnt classical piano. She was a very strict teacher and taught him how to read music and how to play a variety of mostly classical songs.

He later had a teacher a Mr Phelix Pohlman who taught him organ at the convenience of his own home.

Braam literally grew up next to the organ wich his mother so often played (and so often on feeling only without sheet music)

His love for music grew.

At primary school a certain Mrs Snyman held auditions for the lead role in a school play. (A musical). 

Braam got the role in this play of wich the school hall was packed full noght after night for a week or two.

It was really Mrs Snyman who made Braam realise that he had vocal potensial.

Later in his life he went for a voice test at a local sound studio in Vanderbijlpark (Frikkies Studios) where the owner gave the go ahead to record his first album.

The album was released in Nov 2007 at a local school in Vereeniging.

16 Cover songs. No own songs.

The album was called ""Tharina"" , wich was his wifes name.

The sad part about this first consert was that only 23 people attendid. (all friends and Family). 

Braam decided not to further his music.

Untill one day when his wife came and explained that it wasnt worth giving up.

He started arranging one man shows at local Supermarkets whilst selling his cds.

He would sing while his wife would sell the cds.

Within a short span of time 5oo units were moved.

He then realised the quality production wasnt where he wanted it and that he should start doing his own songs rather than covers.

""Tharina"" played on a handfull of radio stations anything between 3 weeks and 6 months.

The success of this album was very short. 

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